Wednesday 5 June 2013

Wednesday wish list: Bare necessities

1. Teens Pale Blue Sleeveless Denim Jacket - £12.99 (NEWLOOK)
2. OPI When Monkeys Fly! 15ml - £11.50
4. Reverse Skater Skirt In Neon Abstract Print - £28.00 (ASOS)
6. ASOS Across Body Bag With Scallop Plate Detail - £17.50

Bare necessities

Staring at the whopping 60X40 suitcase my mum (of all people) told me to pack I was ex-frickin-static! Because after all, more space = more clothes. Which means a better wardrobe wherever I go, who's complaining! :P 
Not me! ... Well that was until I actually started the packing process. Somehow no matter how I squeezed and twisted and crammed all my possessions, the stupid suitcase still overflowed!! So that's when I decided to take out the old pad and paper and jot down the bare essentials for the trip on my laptop. Which of course accidentally led me to Asos, Topshop ILWF, and many other stores... Ooops! Although all trawling through the online shops left me low as I was reminded that as a student funds are low, there is a glimmering lining to these serendipitous finds!!! I now know exactly what I want in my summer wardrobe! yaaay!
Sooo I'll share with you my holiday hot list for this spring/summers holiday essential buys.


  1. Great selection-the abstract print skater (4) is my fave.


  2. That ilwf dress is so sassy and gorgeous! X