Thursday 27 June 2013

Celeb Style: Aila Wang

It is not every day that I envy the wardrobe of a toddler, however, Aila Wang is no ordinary child.  Since the birth of Suri Cruise, the world has taken notice of fashionable young tots with wardrobes as big as the average house.  Suri, Harper Beckham, Blue Ivy Carter and Kingston Rossdale have all made headlines thanks to their fashion forward outfits, and now I welcome another super stylish tot onto the scene, Alia.  She’s got me broody.  
Aila is the niece of American fashion designer and streetwear advocate, Alexander Wang.  Pairing custom Wang designs with Nike trainers, flaunting her mini Rocco bag and effortlessly impressing the style set all at the tender age of 3 is all in a days work for tiny Aila.  This is a girl who probably keeps crayons in her Chanel.
Today marks the beginning of New York Fashion Week and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for pictures of fashion princess Aila looking streetwear chic thanks to Uncle Alex.
by JKA x


  1. I am obsessed with Aila, definitely the coolest toddler going!
    - xx

  2. She's so cute! And I'm so jealous haha (:

  3. I can't deal with this! She's just too cute. So jealous of her wardrobe also! Werk it girl x

    The Beauty Drawer | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  4. She looks pretty's a little sad that her wardrobe might actually be better than mine!