Sunday 16 June 2013

DIY: How to make a cute tea light

Here's a quick little tutorial on how to make a cute D.I.Y candle holder with some scraps lying around your house! This will look really nice either in your bedroom/bathroom to create a relaxed atmosphere or hanging up in the garden for late summer nights with your friends!

The tutorial is super simple and easy to do - and the end result looks lovely and so homely! 

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What you need:
- lace material (any colour you want!)
- Sticky fixers / or super glue
- metal wire
- chord string - any colour you want
- old glass jar
- curling pliers 
- cutting snips 

Step 1:
-wrap the lace around the jar
- when desired length is found, cut the lace to this length
- stick the lace in place at the point of joining - I used a piece of sticky fixer but you can use a dab of super glue (wait for it to dry before step 2 though!)

Step 2:
-Using the chord, tightly tie around the lace sealing with a bow

Step 3:
- Cut the metal wire using the snips to the length of 2 times the circumference of the jar 
(so that it wraps around twice)

Step 4:
- Create one loop that will securely fit around the jar lip using pliers
- Make it so that you can tighten the loop once it is fitted on the jar

Step 5:
- Form a handle with the excess wire
- Secure with a loop using your pliers
- Apply to the jar lip, once on adjust to a secure fit using your pliers
- Add a tea-light candle and ta-da! Your D.I.Y tea-light holder is done!