Saturday 29 June 2013

Saving money as a blogger - by Rianna

So I have a confession I am a shopaholic and I have a bid addiction to buying all the pretty fashion and beauty items I see in the world and then feeling depressed when I shake my purse and nothing but a penny drops out. Hello my lovelies so ever since I started blogging and well my blog became what I call " successful"  in my eyes I have found that as a blogger I have less and less money in my purse at the end of the month because as a blogger it might be just me but there is that pressure to have the latest beauty products and be on the latest fashion trend and this can be very cost effective for your bank balance. The last two years a lot has gone on for me with home life and school and I have found that when I had those moments of being depression I found myself turning to shopping because it made me feel good and have  a sense of happiness and then after going shopping and looking at the items for about an hour I would be depressed as those items would no longer have that spark factor and I would depressed again. This week my mum and I had a big talk which was really nice because me and my mum are like sisters , we are very close and she said to me that I have ti learn to save money like I did before , not wasting it on silly things and actually choosing whether the things I buy are a "need" or a "want". So after having that conversation with my mum I thought this was the perfect time to make this post and share some tips on what I am going to do to try and save money and what you guys could do.

1. Do you really need it.

So I mentioned this tip briefly above but when out shopping the one thing my mum mentions to me is "Rianna do you really need it"? . If you see something in the shop and you know that is going to be there for a long time or you think it is going to go into the sale just hold back and don't buy it straight away , if you end still wanting it in a week then maybe then it is ok to buy it but just think to yourself am I really going to get a lot of use of this product / item or am I just buying it because it is on trend? Decisions ......Decisions

2. Spending Purse and Saving Purse

Ever since I was little I don't know why but I have had this habit of always splitting my pocket money in half when I get it (haven't really done it recently but really going to try and get back into the habit). So If I get £10 then I will put five in my saving purse and five in my spending purse. This is a really effective way to save money but still have money spend.

3. Sales, Vouchers, Discounts ...

Always take advantage of sales (btw the Topshop sale has just launched today) because sales are  essentially the way to save money. The topshop sales are a brilliant example , all the lace crop tops (if you don't know what I am talking about look here) that were fifteenth pounds are now seven pounds.  When buying beauty products always look out for the best deals like three for two and buy one get one half price and fashion always look for end of season sales and mid season sales.

4. Saving tins, piggy banks 

So I currently myself and my mum have saving tins sitting in our living room which you have to smash to get open and get the content out. These tins are a great way to save money because every now and again I drop a one pound or a two pound coin and slowly your tin will begin to get a heavy and when the time comes to break it open it is the best feeling in the world. My cousin one had five hundred pounds in her tin once full.

So those are my tips for saving money and what I will be trying to do to save money , my first test will be on Sunday when I go to Westfield as although I have saved some money for the shopping trip I am going to try and think carefully before I purchase anything.


  1. I really need to start saving some pennies!

  2. These are great tips!
    I also have a money pot which is impossible to get into unless I smash it open so there's no temptation. I am saving £2 coins in there.


  3. Love the saving purse & spending purse tip :) x

  4. this is a really useful post, as I find that I always seem to spend money and end up regretting it! I love the idea of the savings tin which you can't open, otherwise i'd be tempted to take a tenner and buy a new mascara!

    Lizzo Xxx

  5. Those are really good tips :). I think I should write a post similar to yours as well ;). I know some good tips too hihi.

    Good job!

  6. This is so fantastic! I also get samples of beauty products to try out, this opens a whole world of possibilities!

  7. I found myself turning to shopping because it made me feel good and have a sense of happiness and then after going shopping and looking at the items for about an hour I would be depressed as thoseDynabuild