Saturday 15 June 2013

Emma Warren Designs by Katie at Aim Above Limits

As a student, I am always trying to be aware of the two B's - budgeting and bargains. With this said, it becomes crucial for me, and many other students who have an obsession with the latest fashion trends, around the UK to discover brands that enable them to comply to the latest styles, whilst not needing to break the bank to do so. And this is why I am pleased to introduce.. Emma Warren Designs. 

Emma Warren Designs is a small brand which specializes in hand made jewellery which emphasize Emma's love of embellishment and detail and head-pieces (their current collection of floral headbands are simply divine!) as well as the newer introduction of graphic t-shirts and bespoke collars. Emma Warren Designs first began before Miss Warren went to university when she began to sell at craft fairs and festivals and when she finished university, she saw the brand expand further by working freelance for several brands and designers. Now an ASOS Marketplace best-seller, Emma Warren Designs has come on leaps and bounds since its first trading day. 

 It is easy to see a Victorian influence in Emma's work - the array and quantity of lace especially! I particularly love Emma's ability to incorporate vintage lace and brooches into her pieces, so she creates a mixture of old and new. When I asked Emma, "is the brand an extension of yourself?", her reply was that it 100% is. Her studio and rooms are full with her current collections, whilst in her spare time she adores going to charity shops to find vintage bargains to enable her to have unique pieces. 

For all those budding entrepreneurs out there, Emma Warren shared a small insight into how to make your first business successful; " I would say, at the moment, the key factor to starting a brand would be social media, and working with fashion bloggers to get your brand known" She added that Instagram is her favourite tool to build outfits to show potential customers how to style her products!

Check out her full collection here.
What do you think? Do you love the brand as much as me?

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  1. Her collect looks great, couldn't find the link but googled her!