Sunday 23 June 2013

DIY: Sunflower Collar Tips

So in work this week there was a woman selling these really pretty sunflower pins for Hospice Sunflower Days. As soon as I saw them I thought of a tutorial I saw on In Between Idols about how to make collar tips and I thought they would be perfect. Not to mention by buying two of them I was being charitable - two birds with one stone. 

Step One:

First of all it doesn't have to be pins, you could use old earrings or brooches, whatever you think looks pretty. If something doesn't have a sharp point on the back you could always buy a pack of cheap earring backs to glue on. They don't even have to be matching if you like!

Anyway, once you have picked your chosen tips then you need a chain from a necklace and a pair of scissors. I bought this necklace in Topshop and I thought it was three separate necklaces sold together, but it was one long tiered necklace so I cut off a bit and used that. The scissors are just nail scissors.

ignore the grubby table plz
Step Two:

Use the scissors to cut the necklace where you want it. Find the break in the chain link and cut until a bigger gap forms and then you can just pull the necklace in two. Don't forget to remove the chain link with the big gap as it won't stay attached to the pin. 

Step Three:

When you're happy with the chain length put some glue around the base of the pin and link the chain onto it, add more glue if you feel it's necessary. I only used a weak eyelash glue because I wanted to be able to detach the chain and use the pins as earrings too. Link the other end of the chain to the other pin and voila! I put two chains onto mine for a bulkier chain look. If you don't want the chains to be bulky, but you want more than one, cut the second chain shorter than the first for a different look.

Step Four:

Allow the glue to dry and pin to any shirt for a summery, flowery feel. Or scrap the whole collar tip idea and wear them as earrings like I did.

by Megan


  1. Very nice! I love it!

  2. so trying this so cute!

  3. Love this tutorial, never knew it could be so simple. You could actually do a million different collar tips like this! x

  4. Wow this is really cute! Great idea I love sunflowers.

    Sweet and Lo

  5. adorable! love DIY stuff :)

  6. very cute neck tip, They make simple shirts look expensive. I found a lot at too.