Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wednesday Wishlist by Laura at I Like Crayons

001.bag, 002.blouse, 003.coat, 004.skirt, 005.ring,

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've composed a bit of an outfit within a wishlist for you today. I decided to go for a really pretty, classy and girly spring look with a bit of a difference- mixing cute pastels with tacky, but oh so amazing, accessories.

I'm really loving what Darling have in stock at the minute, it's all so elegant and beautiful and i had a hard time choosing my favourite pieces from them. In the end I chose both the skirt and blouse and decided to build the rest of the outfit around them.

I love fur coats (faux of course) and this light coloured one is both gorgeous and season appropriate, it is still freezing here in the UK after all. This is definitely an investment piece too as I'm sure once Summer has come and passed Autumn and Winter will see plenty more wear from a piece like this.
So, now that the main body of the outfit is dealt with, we can jump straight on in to accessories and the ones I've chosen couldn't be any less inkeeping with the elegant theme of the clothing if they tried. Lets talk bags first as that is inkeeping and it's beautiful. It's an offering from Paul's Boutique and the detailing is so pretty. Be sure to head to their site to have a closer look. Now onto my favourite bits, the quirky twist; I've chosen a bright, in your face pair of Dr. Martens for footwear. They may not be to everyone's taste but I love adding grungy touches to girly outfits and these tick that box for me and the ring was chosen based on a similar theory. What's prettier and more girly than a heart?! I love how it says "lets make out." I've actually seen it featured on a few blogs now but I'm perfectly happy with following the crowd on this occassion.

So that's it girls, and boys if you're out there, I hope you've been able to take something from my little Guest Post and it's been such a pleasure to do. EtailPR work with some lovely brands so make sure you head on over to all their sites and have a nosey. Enjoy the rest of your day, week, month, whatever and hopefully we'll speak soon!

- by Laura xoxo


  1. i love the collar on that shirt!

  2. I love love love the bag and the blouse! I seem to be into creams lately, how boring of me but they can go with practically anything, although in blouses they're always see through which I really hate due to the face that I have large boobs and it's just not a nice site in a see through top haha! That outfit would look so cute put together, the little skirt is adorable! I love fur coats also, although I've never had one myself they just always look so lovely on people.

  3. The blouse and skirt are to die for! Fantastic wishlist!

    Glitter and Grease

  4. I love the skirt! it's gorgeous!

    Lauren x