Monday 2 February 2015

Guest Post: Love at First Sight..

I love love loveee this hat! It was one of the first things to go into my suitcase for New York, I knew I had to wear it at some point- luckily my friend got me this shirt dress for Christmas. I had already wore something of the same colour with this hat, so I knew it would match so well. These hats are so beautiful all year round, not just in the winter, so I will get so much wear from this- especially in this colour!

The boots and cape were also a present, and ended up being matched with this- so it didn't cost me anything (even better!). The boots are super comfortable, with the block heel- perfect for walking the streets of NYC all day. As everyone knows, I'm a sucker for anything fur and you can never go wrong with black, so the detail on the sleeves and bottom of the cape topped it off for me, with the matching fur mittens, of course!

On the day that I wore this, it wasn't overly cold (-2..warm compared to most days I spent here haha) so I wore a few pairs of tights, a vest and a top of the same colour underneath, to keep me wrapped up, because of the short sleeves. The cape probably wasn't the most practical thing to wear when out and about instead of being inside somewhere, but it was too beautiful with this outfit not to wear!
The bag is my new baby! I had told myself I was going to get myself a nice new bag and it had to be black, as my Mulberry sometimes just doesn't go with everything- as much as I wear it with everything haha. I have loved Coach for so long, so I finally treated myself as soon as we got here, and I absolutely love it - so it will probably not be off my arm for a week or five haha

Hat- Very
Cape- Very
Mittens- Next (sale at £4!)
Shirt Dress- New look
Boots- New look
Bag- Coach

Thanks for reading!
Emma xx


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