Friday 30 January 2015

Guest Post: Why Bloggers Love Our Network

The lovely Laura from November Girl x tells you why she loves the etailPR Blogger Network.

Why I love the etailPR blogger network. 

I first heard about the blogger network a few months ago and was instantly intrigued. I'm personally quite a shy person and don't like to tell people about my love of blogging, i'm always worried that people will think I'm crazy. This network has given me the opportunity to communicate with other bloggers and talk to people who love the same things that I do. 

Below are a few reasons why I love it! 

1. Connecting - This network is perfect to help bloggers connect with other bloggers and brands. If you are new to blogging this would be perfect. 

2. Review - They give you the chance to contact brands and review product samples, you can apply to work with brands in an easy step. 

3. Competitions - Who doesn’t love competitions? etailPR hold monthly competitions and their prizes are pretty impressive. 

4. Blogger Events - If you are a part of the network it means you may be invited to exclusive blogger events, for me this was a great reason to sign up. Events are a great way of meeting bloggers.

5. Discount Codes - Who doesn’t love discounts!! We all love shopping but all wish we could get our hands of some discount codes. If you are a member of the network you can access exclusive discount codes! 

For anyone that isn't already a member of the blogger network I urge you to sign up, its FREE too (who doesn't love free things). The blogger network is also great for blogging and can potentially help you grow your blog and find more readers. 

As a side note etailPR are also amazing at connecting with bloggers, they are great on twitter and always tweeting about interesting things and they always reply! I personally hate it when you tweet a company/brand/person and they ignore you (I know i’m not the only one). They have a pretty impressive blog too. 

I hope to see some of you on the network soon! 


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