Monday 26 January 2015

etail Intern Insight - Online Avenue

Hello everyone, it's Charlotte from Style & Splurging and if you follow my blog, you'll know i'm currently interning with the etailPR team!

Being a blogger myself, I too use The Blogger Network to request samples from the amazing variety of brands that etail offer to us and this month I received some lovely boots from the lovely team at Online Avenue, so I thought i'd do a little guest post before my own blog post goes live!

I've been loving the over the knee boot trend that i've seen every blogger on the planet rocking recently, but i've always been a little skeptical as to whether they would actually suit me. When I saw these Ivy Faux Leather Buckle Long Boots (£22.49) I instantly fell in love with them, as they looked like an ideal height where they'd actually suit me and i'd be able to style them so easily - i'm all about that minimal effort look!

As i'd usually go for a black boots, I like that I went for the tan colour as they just add something different to an outfit and they look great with any pair of jeans! They're also really comfortable and they aren't too tight on the leg, which is a huge plus as I find a lot of high boots can get quite tight around the calf/ankle area. I went with my usual size of a 7 and they fit like a dream, so they're true to size if any of you were wondering on their sizing.

Overall I absolutely love these boots, as I don't own any like these and they are such a winter staples, that i'll be getting plenty of wear out of them.

If you want to get your hands on your own pair of Online Avenue boots, make sure you've applied for the etail Online Avenue campaign and you can request your own sample this Wednesday 28th Jan through The Blogger Network!


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