Friday 23 January 2015

Guest Post: Degree + Blog + Internship = Fashion Crisis or Fashion Miracle?

As a student, I often get asked how I balance so many things on my plate so I thought I’d let you take a glimpse into my world…  
7am. I wake up yelling curse words to the world in my mind. Why would someone invent early starts? It’s horrible, unfair and bad for beauty sleep! 

I panic as I’ve forgotten to co-ordinate an outfit the night before. I browse through my wardrobe for a good fifteen minutes and I finally pick out an outfit that can take me from uni to press events. I just about make it to King’s College London on time and I sit through lecture after lecture until it’s time for a quick coffee break and a round of press days. Leaving the university doors, I feel a major sense of adulthood come over me as I head to PR agencies and talk collaborations. That’s what I love. 

7pm. I slouch on the sofa for a while until I grab my laptop and begin writing the next blog post for The Rebirth of Fashion, ensuring I promote it on all the social media platforms utilising the skills I’ve learnt from the training session the previous day. After that’s done, I write one for my internship, using witty language and inviting images. ‘Targeting the right demographic is vital’, I think to myself. 

9pm. Finally, a break!

So as you may have guessed, my mind is constantly juggling around thoughts… ‘How am I going to increase my blog views? When am I going to actually train myself in Search Engine Optimization? What about the coursework that’s due in next week?’

That mind of mine is a real-life jungle, but so is the world. Just because I’m 19 doesn’t mean I have to do what most 19-year-olds do. Instead of partying all the time, I work and I work really damn hard but I wouldn’t change anything because in the last year I have learnt so much within the fashion industry. I do worry about my academic success but as long as I organise myself on a day-to-day basis, I believe it’s possible to do it all and I’m going to continue pushing until I stop seeing the benefits. 

Written by Manita Rughwani.

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