Wednesday 21 January 2015

Guest Post: How To Speak Your Mind On Your Blog

So you love to talk about new beauty products and that meal you had on your blog, but you’ve come across a subject that not know everyone agrees with.   How do you know when you should be politically correct?  How do you present your views without offending anyone?

Here are some topics that people often have trouble posting about:
Animal Cruelty
Political Views

I’m Jacky and my blog is Do It For The Irony, a life+style blog.  I have talked about my views on touchy subjects like the objectification of women in advertisements and how we can actually fix it.  I’ve included some images from my most popular posts!  I have also been involved in some blogger chats, discussing this issue.

                 The answer to the previous question is, “Don’t worry about it.”  There will always be someone who is offended.   Chances are though, someone will identify with you and relate.  The biggest and most caring responses I have ever received on my blog is on posts where I go out on a limb and express my views.  So go for it.  If you’re not comfortable with it just yet, talk with a blogger friend or on a twitter chat and ask if they think it would be appropriate!  The blogger community is extremely supportive of writers and can help.

                 My number one tip for these posts is to communicate your idea clearly.  Use examples, lists, whatever you need.  I, personally, like to use bullet points for my most powerful and relatable points.  That makes sure that your views are translated easily and transparently to your audience.  You don’t want your readers to misread you and think you meant something totally different!  So double-check your phrasing.  

                 Also, what is the point of your post?  Are you promoting your beliefs or are you sharing a piece of yourself?  I ask that because provoking people may get you views in the short run, but it may not help you in the long run.  Just a thought!

                 I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps you to exercise the loveliest thing about the internet – freedom of speech.  It means a lot to me!  Email me your post if this inspired you to talk about that one thing you can’t bring yourself to hit publish on!  I’d love to see it.  If you’d like some more wild thoughts of a funny creator/style person, find me at
or on any of my social media!  I’m always on twitter omg.

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