Friday 20 February 2015

Intern Insight: Ipanema Flip Flop Wish List

Ok, so today is my first day as a student intern at EtailPR and after mentioning an upcoming summer holiday I have planned on the calendar, Ipanema was the site said to seriously take a look at and i'm glad I did just that.

After having a look around the site, I have finally slimmed my wish list down. I’m often searching high and low for a decent pair of fashionable yet comfortable flip flops and overall summer shoes, and after visiting Ipanema the prices seem quite reasonable and the choice of style is spot on for me.

Starting off with the Ipanema Diamond II Sandal priced at £23, these sandals are adjustable and look so stylish. These paired with a simple maxi dress for the summer nights is an outfit inspiration. Brown isn’t the only colour they come in also, and knowing the comfort of Ipanema flip-flops, you’re not going to find a better buy on the market.

These Ipanema Jewel II Flip Flops can add a touch of class to any outfit, with the jewel design encrusted onto the shoe you’re sure to “stand out from the crowd”. The shoe comes in various colours that are easily matchable to your 2015 summer wardrobe. Knowing you can rely on the comfort aspect for this shoe, whilst also being easy to clean, girls shouldn’t be without an Ipanema shoe this summer.

I just have to mention these Ipanema Women's Switch Straps Flip Flop that come with two additional straps! They also come in 8 different colours and designs and are priced at only £25!! You’ll be mad not to think these are the perfect pair of flip-flops to have in your wardrobe this summer, and I should also mention that Ipanema provide FREE UK delivery if you order three or more pairs, which is a deal in itself.

These Ipanema Aztec Women's Flip Flop with its aztec print and features will catch everyone’s eye, and the added touch of an embossed print strap adds luxury. As my final favourite shoe its definitely one of my favourites on Ipanema and I sway anyone to take a look. The company also specialise in men’s and kids footwear, so buying gifts or helping the other half with their summer wardrobe is available!

The comfort of these Ipanema Vitraux Sandal I know will satisfy even the pickiest of buyers as even as a sandal, Ipanema retain the comfort factor throughout their entire shoe collection. The jewels give the shoe elegance and I can guarantee these will grab attention. These sandals also come in 5 different colours and sizes 3-8.

Lastly are the Ipanema Spring Sandal, which are very stylish and an original sandal/flip-flop are a night time staple for me. There the type of shoe I’d wear on the summer nights and think are a perfect outfit setter, with the unique print design and flower motif on the strap.

So that is my little Ipanema wish list!


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