Wednesday 31 July 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Oh My Love

Anyone else stuck in a rut of old denim shorts and a boring t-shirt in this heat? Or is that just me?

Well I say let's break out of this rut! Let's start dressing for Summer in style, taking inspiration from bloggers from exotic lands and bohemian festival-goers. 

One of my personal favourite etail pr brands is oh my love, they're always one step ahead of the trends and my go-to for quirky accessories such as these Daisy Thomas sunglasses. Also take a look at these neon dino shades - I'm in love!

What are you wearing this Summer? Will you be taking inspiration from this outfit idea? Let me know on my blog tie-dye-eyes. Now get outside and look glamorous, but make sure you wear suncream ;)


  1. The dress is so gorgeous with the back detail! Love the sunglasses too! xo

  2. I love this whole set!!

    - Tolu