Sunday 21 July 2013

Necklace DIY by Megan

Hey lovely people,

This week I did a DIY: Sunflower Collar Tips post and I used a chain from a three-part necklace I bought in Topshop. Well, I felt quite silly letting this second part of the necklace go to waste just because it had no clasps on it. So instead of going online and buying a packet of jewellery clasps for one necklace, I decided to make my own way of tying the necklace together.

Step One:

If you have broken a necklace or are making a necklace from scratch this is a great way to tie it together. Gather your chosen necklace, some old fabric and a pair of scissors.

Step two: 

Cut two strips of fabric off, one to attach to each end of the necklace. I cut my pieces quite short as I wanted my necklace to be very tight to my neck, almost like a choker. So depending on how long or short you want the necklace, depends how long or short the pieces of fabric are. You can mess around until you get the right length. 

Tip: It's best to cut the pieces too long than too short, because then you can cut them shorter.

Step Three:

Fold the end of one of the pieces of fabric over like in the picture just at the tip. Then cut a small slit with your scissors, this is where you'll loop the chain through. Only do it on one end of the fabric piece as the other will be tied together at the end. 

Repeat on the other piece of fabric.

okay my nails are a little shabby, it's all the hard work i tells ya
Step Four:

Loop the chain through the whole and then tie the chain in a knot. If you want to keep this piece of fabric as the permanent neck tie then use some strong fabric glue and pile it on, it might look messy at first but you could always wrap some more fabric around the chain knot to cover up the glue mess. 

Repeat with the other side of the chain. I want to change the tie of neck tie and possibly buy some of these cute elephant clasps so I only used a cheap, weak glue.

Step Five:

Allow the glue to dry and then when ready, wear your new necklace out!

excuse the messy hair also, i'm too lazy to do my hair for these tutorials

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