Wednesday 3 July 2013

Wednesday wish list by Lorilee

As I am going on holiday soon I started to pack my bag and wonder if I had everything I needed as I started throwing items in my suitcase. I thought I had achieved enough for that day and started trawling the internet for the best place to buy holiday money and I got distracted and started dreaming up a holiday wish list. If weight and size restrictions on baggage were completely wiped I would firstly take a hold luggage rather than being a cheap skate and only taking hand luggage to save the £30 it is to have it in the hold. A 2 week holiday with only hand luggage is achievable, right?

I would take these items on holiday 

  1. Love Blue and White Striped Skater Dress £38 from In Love with Fashion
  2. Red Strap Sandal Flatform £28 from Oh My Love
  3. Embroidered Strappy Sun top £22 from Topshop
  4. Tie Waist Short Beige £22 from A X Paris
  5. White Flatforms £24.99 from H & M
  6. Red Hearthrob Sunglasses £6 from Oh My Love
  7. Disty Floral Print Beach Bag £6 from Matalan
  8. Soltan Moisurising Suncare Lotion SPF50 £4.49 from Boots
  9. Floral Elasticated Strap Maxi Dress £30 from A X Paris 
  10. Place in the Sun Hat £26.58 from Seafolly

My day outfit for sights - when you are on holiday most people relax at the beach and also go out on day trips to see the sights in the local area. I would wear the embroidered strappy sun top paired with the tie waist beige shorts and the white flatform sandals. When seeing the sights you need to be comfortable and have clothes which have light weight fabric as moving around looking at things can get uncomfortable when you are wearing the wrong clothes. These shoes are stylish and flat leaving you to be comfortable and look fashionable at the same time. 

My day outfit - For the beach I would slip on my swimsuit under the maxi dress as it is easily removable and can be thrown into your beach bag. This would also go well with the white sun hat and flatforms. 

My night outfit - I am absolutely in love with this Love blue and white striped skater dress, it looks so elegant and has lovely cut out detail on the front and the back. It would be great to wear in the evenings when going out for a meal or enjoying the bars. I would wear this dress with the red strap sandal flatforms and the red hearthrob sunglasses. 

All of these looks will need sun cream worn with them as you need to be protected from the sun as being sunburnt on holiday is not pleasant. 

All of the items I have picked are interchangeable and its great when you take items like that on holiday with you as it saves on space in your luggage. 

What would be your holiday wish list? 
Would you take any of the items I have chosen? 

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