Wednesday 17 July 2013

Wednesday Wishlist by The Life of Maisie

Hi everyone! My name is Maisie and I blog over at The Life of Maisie and i'm so glad that I can share this post with you all!

I've been a huge fan of Lashes for a while now and I've had my eye on this particular dress for what seems like forever! I adore the watercolour effect on the skirt, it's just so summery with all the wonderful colours. I honestly don't think I can give this dress enough praise! My list of things that I need to buy is long, but I think this might just creep up to the top, oopsy!

I've been looking for a perfect day time watch that I can wear with my wardrobe and I think I've found it! The rose gold tone is lovely and compliments the pinky/creamy strap perfectly! It's ideal for you if your summer wardrobe consists of light pastel colours and creams. You know it'll stand out with any outfit because c'mon, it's Pauls Boutique and everyone loves Pauls Boutique! If you ask me, it's a steal at just £40 and if you can, you should get your hands, or should I say wrist, on one asap!

As a lover of all shoes, I had to pick a pair that would equally stand out with this outfit and give it a little bit of the excitement/dare to factor. Whoever was the first person to place spikes on shoes was a genius and I for one love the look! There are so many different style's of shoes with spikes, from flats to heels to boots, all you have to do is choose your favourite!

Okay if you've clicked the direct link for the bag I know what you're thinking, "but it's from the children's section" but look how adorable it is, I love it! I'm lusting over so many items with embroidery on at the minute, aren't you? Little bags are probably my favourite as sometimes it's just irritating carrying a humongous handbag around with you when all you've got in it is your purse, your keys and your phone. So there you have, your perfect little go to summer handbag from the children's section, no shame!

If I could wear a flower crown every day, I would. As many, I was first introduced to them by making daisy chains as a child, but with the likes of Lana Del Rey rocking one every shoot, it's hard not to love them! There are all sorts of different ones but for this outfit, I think this daisy crown fits perfectly with the summer vibe in this look.

I for one love this outfit and I don't think you can go wrong with it this summer! I'd love to see how you would rock this dress!
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