Wednesday 10 July 2013

Wednesday wish list: Summer Essentials!

Summer Wants

Hello so my name is Emily and I blog over at Emily's Blog I have been wanting to get a couple of things for summer, and thought I would share with you all, what I have been lusting over this Summer!

Maybelline BB Cream
I have been wanting to try a BB cream for a while now. I have tried a couple of samples and I think this was a firm contender of mine. I think during summer that foundation is a "No no!". Since it gets hot (not much in Britain though..) there is no need to have foundation clogging up your skin, especially since it would probably melt off! Maybelline also say that the BB cream " blurs imperfections, brightens, evens skin tone, hydrates and also protects with SPF 30". All good stuff in my opinion. 

Denim Dungarees
They seem to be all the rage, this summer! I like the idea that you can wear alot with them, sandals, converse, crop tops, normal tops, shirts the options are endless! 

I think any type of sandals are a must in summer, they keep your feet cool and there are also many stylish designs. Here is just one pair, of the many I have seen and these are from Hollister. I love the African feel that they give, with the beaded detailing down front. 

Maybelline Waterproof Mascara
Waterproof mascara is an essential for summer! It will stop you from looking like a panda when you come out of the pool. I haven't yet tried a mascara from Maybelline but I know that I should do soon, as there are so many good reviews about them. 

Fruit Tees
I love any t-shirts/vests but my favorites have to have some kind of "funky" shape/logo on them. One of my favorites has to be the one from H&M, which has a watermelon on it. Also I love this one from H&M, again that has a pineapple on it!

Neon Nails
Recently, since getting Fear & Desire from Essie. I have been lusting over neons, next on my list is a neon pink. I don't know what it is about it but I love the fun aspect of them!

So that is my some things that I have been wanting recently, what are yours?


  1. BB cream is always a must! Goodbye foundation!

  2. That pineapple tee is cute! x