Wednesday 13 March 2013

Wednesday Wishlist - by

1. shirt
2. skirt
3. jumper
4. bag
5. shoes

I chose the fun, slightly dangerous, upbeat and dangerous neon trend. I actually believe it or not, based the whole wishlist around the shoes which I have literally fallen head over heels in love with. They look super easy to walk in, comfortable and they'll go with just about everything in my wardrobe. Win win! I have seen a few people style neon coloured jumpers and I think the pink one on the Glamorous website is my favourite one I have come across. It looks super bright, statement but slouchy and soft at the same time. Together with the absolutely gorgeous skirt from Lashes of London and the lovely bag with the subtle splash of neon pink; I think this outfit would be perfect for any time of day. Now all I need is glorious payday to buy it all and a date night with my boy or maybe some friends who are free for cocktails in London!     - Ashllyd XO

Thank you so much to Ashleigh from for today's Wednesday Wishlist! Be sure to check out her blog, YouTube and Twitter.


  1. Those shoes are so beautiful, I've headed on over to the sites to check out what else they have on offer! :D xx

  2. I love the jumper, so pretty! xxx

  3. Love the shirt! It's quite unique :)


  4. Great wishlist

  5. I love everything on this wishlist - especially the PB handbag and Glamorous shoes. So my style! Great post!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  6. i have similiar skirt and jumper hehe :D great wishlist!


  7. That shirt will look amazing tucked into a pencil skirt ! Super cute

  8. the pink sweater is very nice!

  9. HI!I´ve just known your blog and your network and I´m in!! I´m following u since now!

  10. Lovely wishlist those shoes are soo beautiful and that bright pink jumper is gorgeous allready have the skater skirt in my wardrobe aha Lovely post and which site/software did you use to create it?? I just love the background thankss xox