Sunday 17 March 2013

DIY: Floral sunglasses from Lily

So, we're soon approaching spring and HOPEFULLY the sun will be out in all it's glory. That means it's time for the sunnies to come out in full swing! I lusted after Dolce and Gabbana's Baroque-inspired fall show and they had THE most fantastic sunglasses. So in honour of this I decided to do a lil D.I.Y  to create my own.
All you need are a pair of scissors, cocktail stick(s), and super glue - I tested these two out and the bondloc was the best (it dried quicker!)

Of course the flowers! I bought all of these little trimmings in Hickeys (a Herbadashery and Fabric store) in Galway - there was loads in each packet and they were super cheap. I did intend on using ceramic flowers but I couldn't find any anywhere (apart from on jewellery - which was too expensive). I was quite eager to do this post so I was too impatient to look on eBay and then wait for the post but there are some on there if you search “ceramic flowers”.

And finally, the glasses themselves! I bought these beauties in Pennys/Primark for only €1.50!! BARGAIN!
Firstly cut off the buds from the stem...and the leaves if you want.
I used a cocktail stick to apply the adhesive and, the tag from the glasses as a surface to squeeze the glue onto.
Then apply it onto the back of the flower bud. (I also put a layer of glue onto the glasses because they were quite slippery - it helped make it stick better)

So that's what it looks like after the first two buds are stuck on - I glued the biggest buds at the corners and then stuck smaller ones around them.

And then...

HEY PRESTO! The final result.


  1. I'm desperate to do this!

  2. These look lovely! Though I'm not sure I could pull them off, great DIY :D xx

  3. these look absolutely amazing!! Definitely want to try something like this, ahhh they look practically designer!

  4. Very nice! I saw this idea some time ago and I think I'm gonna do it myself!

  5. This looks amazing, definitely going to try this

  6. These are so cute! :D


  7. awesome idea!! they look really cool! i loved the blog, i follow you

  8. omg what a freakin great idea thanks for this

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