Saturday 16 March 2013

Guest post: Photography tips from Lisa Takes Pictures

Ah, hello there! I’m Lisa from, a photography and fashion blog based around my photography work.  I’m currently a second year photography student at UCLan in Preston but I’ve been doing my own personal photography since the beginning of 2010.  Everyone seems to ask ‘how did you get into photography?’ and the answer is – I don’t really know!  I’m one of those girls who brings a camera to every single outing she goes on, so I think it just started out of habit.  

I remember being in Gran Canaria and taking pictures of dolphins at an aquarium and saying to my mum that I should be a photographer (really random, I know!).  I saved up a lot of money and in January 2010 I got my first ‘proper’ camera – a Nikon D90, which is still what I use to this day!  Now three years on I’ve worked with various clothing brands, built up a good portfolio & made some really good friends and contacts along the way!

If you’re thinking of going into photography, these are my top five tips to help you along the way:

1.     Invest in a good DSLR – I think this goes without saying.  Don’t rely on your phone/a compact camera to get you through.  If you’re serious about becoming a photographer, you need a good camera!

2.     Never use the automatic settings! – Before I started university, I always used the automatic settings... Big no-no! Manual mode gives you so much more freedom and you learn a lot more by experimenting with it.

3.     Shoot what makes you happy – Don’t be pushed into an area of photography that doesn’t interest you.  In my first year I was encouraged to take part in a lot of documentary work and it just didn’t interest me at all and made a lot less enthusiastic about photography! Now I know what I want to do and what makes me happy! And definitely don’t be afraid to try out your own ideas. Got an idea for a great shoot? Do it! Don’t let anyone else’s ideas hold you back. Unique ideas are always the best!

4.     Have an online presence & build up a good portfolio online – The main reason I started blogging was to create an online presence for lisatakespictures.  A lot of clients prefer to see digital versions of work these days, due to technology advances etc.  So make sure you have some work online!

5.     Make contacts! – I can’t stress this enough.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great brands, do you know why?  Because I emailed people, I got talking to people and I made contacts! It’s so important, especially if you want to get into the fashion industry!

And that’s it!  Remember to check out my blog for more tips and to see some of my shoots!


  1. great tips! thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips, i have been meddling with my manual mode dilligently :) x

  3. Wonderful tips any suggestion for best camera? as I am not aware of camera and there specs

    1. Hey:)
      I use a Nikon D90 but it's really upto your preferences, like how much money you're willing to spend & what you need the camera for! Also, if you know anyone with a DSLR, ask them if you can have a little play around on it to get a feel for it :)