Friday 29 March 2013

Spring Beauty Trends by Marie

Thank goodness for the spring of 2013, because it brings “makeup” back into stores. I am so sick of seeing just nail polish everywhere. I like it but there is only so much I can take of it. What do I love? I love wearing bright purple eye shadow. I love any bright liquid eye liner. Thank goodness for the spring beauty trends this year!

Not only have all the brands brought back their best products, but all of their products are colorful. Vivid. I am in love with the bright, saturated colors that are out now. For spring Maybelline has come out with gorgeous, bright lipsticks with color so vibrant that it will cheer anyone up! If you do want to wear the bright lipstick, my advice is to not pair up intense eye shadow with vibrant lip color. That is way too much for the average person on the street. It is best left to the runways. If you are wearing exuberant, flashy eye shadow, try a nude lip. On the other hand, if you are wearing light nude eye shadow, try a vibrant lipstick.

Pantone, the company that decides the colors for printing, decorating, cosmetics, etc., has decided that the Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald. A beautiful color mind you but a color that is not easy for everyone to wear. Sephora has come out with a huge collection to go with the Color of the Year: a full collection that will empty your wallet! I am so much in love with this because green is one of my favorite colors (I am a redhead). I cannot be one of the models on the website, but with a little help I imagine that I am one of them…my favorite product from their collection is their little pack of liquid eyeliners (Glitter Strobe Eyeliner Set). I love to line my eyes. This has four eyeliners with different finishes: metallic, matte, holographic and shimmer.

However, my favorite trend has to be from Illamasqua, I’mperfection. It is based on everyone’s natural flaws. And celebrates them! If you have freckles, let them show! Scars, birthmarks? Don’t hide them! Illamasqua is at the forefront of modern beauty. With every campaign they challenge what it means to be beautiful. This spring they show us that we are naturally beautiful. They even take the Pantone Color of the Year and put it into a bright green lipgloss, called Shoot. My favorite item of their new collection is their new matte bright pink lipstick called Immodest. All of their products are made of the highest quality, with great pigmentation. Illamasqua has to be the best brand on the market today.
So, color is key this spring. Go out and buy some colorful lipstick or eye shadow. The brighter the better!

- by Marie Papachatzis at


  1. I'm so happy Spring is here, now it just needs to stop raining over where I live haha

    I loved your picks..I also love bright lipsticks, but only when I do a simple eye =D And they always cheer me up!

    The Austrian Rose

  2. Thank you Rosie! I am so happy Spring is here too. What is also great is that these vivid colors are being carried over into summer. Most of us can do a sultry look with some coral eye shadows or a fuchsia lippie!