Tuesday 19 March 2013

Guest post: Ever Ours

This week we have the beautiful ladies fashion brand Ever Ours speaking about how social media has benefited their website and brand awareness over the years. 

In November 2011 I set up and self-funded Ever Ours, an independent ladies fashion and accessory emporium that I have continued to run in my spare time. I believe it is important for any business to build, maintain, and expand professional relationships. This is an area that has been key to the growth of my business as I have looked to extend my reach beyond a local customer base through a vast network of bloggers. The personalities behind fashion blogs not only spoke to my customers on an identifiable level, but they carry a large amount of influence and are trusted as experts by their readers. I learnt that by having your brand associated with a prolific fashion blogger increased sales, strengthened branding and improved interaction with social media tools as well as increasing website traffic.

I cannot thank the bloggers who we have worked with enough for all there help and support.

What I have learnt about social media through Ever Ours is that Facebook and Twitter are an accessible, cheap and influential way of communicating with customers and industry peers. Twitter brought Ever Ours closer to customers online, whereas Facebook gave people the opportunity to like, share and promote allowing the expansion of existing peer groups. By interacting and engaging in social media, I gave my customers a true voice, encouraging participation through photos and tweets, which results in the experience being more humanised and also benefits my company by actively being able to gauge what my audience is looking for through their feedback, further increasing the quality of my customer service.

I have found that not only is social media good for providing marketing intelligence, it also allows you to develop a reputation as a business and sustain creditability when directly interacting and engaging with customers.  

- Kimberly, Ever Ours

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