Thursday, 6 June 2013

Celeb style: Rachel Bilson

Celebrity Style: Rachel Bilson

Hello you lovely lot! Jenny here from Fashion on a Field. You are probably wondering why I'm here, I'm here to explore a celebrity style.

The celebrity that I have chosen is Rachel Bilson. CALLLIIIFFFORRNNIIAAA...... my small homage to the show that, for me anyway, made her the star and fashion icon today, that being The O.C. Back then her style was in terms of the character of Summer was quite 'all American' and preppy. A far cry from her bohemian chic she is seen wearing today.

I've created a mood board with a selection of Rachel's looks over the years, from fresh faced youngster in The OC, to the Boho girl thats sitting in the front row of fashion week. She even manages to make casual look good, if I was to wear a jumper and jeans I'd most probably look like a slob, but Rachel looks very cool indeed.

Style Rachel Bilson

I really like her mix of long and short, some celebs find a style and stick with it, but Rachel mixes things up, while still keeping with the boho look. I really love the bright colours too, to some boho means earthy, but shown here it can also include bright pops of pinks and purples.

While browsing for inspiration for outfits I stumbled upon this really beautiful outfit, that Rachel wore to a radio event. Its elegance screams red carpet/event, but still conveys the boho style that she embodies flawlessly.

Here I have recreated the style, using high street brands that we all know and love. I found two shoes that I adored, so included both! Being the same price, it would depend on whether you want to add studs to this cute outfit. The blazer is an absolute steal! At £20 its two toned collar and pockets are a really nice detail.

recreate look style

One thing that 'style' doesn't always talk about is THE HAIR! YOu can have the best dress and shoes there are, but having an uninspiring do, will not do! Her sun kissed skin would look odd with full on blonde, so Rachel has opted for a sublet ombre which I think is still a very strong hairstyle. (Not just because I've been rocking the look for about 2 years now). The subtle coppers and caramels add depth to her hair, again adding to her care free style, but also adds to her more edgier pieces.

Hopefully you have liked my first ever 'Celebrity Style', I might even adopt a Celebrity Style section to make a more frequent appearance on my own blog. After all fashion is there to inspire and encaptulate.

x Jenny


  1. shes oober cute and great style!

  2. I've lovd her style since I started watching Hart of Dixie.