Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Forever Unique

I'm a girl who loves trends, but I hesitate to invest too much money in trendy pieces, for fear that they may soon go "out of style." These six wishlist items from Forever Unique incorporate a few popular trends, without going overboard! They could easily be paired with the classic pieces that are already in your closet. It's a win/win!

1. Selfish by Forever Unique T-shirt: I have a soft spot for sheer shirts. This classic black t-shirt can be left loose or tucked in, showing a little bit of skin. £55.00
2. Selfish by Forever Unique Fitted Skirt: I'm not brave enough to rock white bottoms, but if I was, I'd snatch this studded skirt up in a flash! £65.00
3. Selfish by Forever Unique High Waisted Shorts: Now these shorts are definitely something I could work with. I love the high waist, and studs are still all the rage. £55.00
4. Selfish by Forever Unique Clutch Bag: Bright colors are always in for Spring. This funky, teal clutch adds a nice pop of color. £35.00
5. 4U by Forever Unique JumperThis jumper combines a few popular trends: cut-outs and skulls. I don't own a top like this, but I love the surprise detailing on the back. £70.00
6. Forever Unique Leatherette Hard Box Evening Handbag: This handbag was the first item to make it to my wish list. This has Alexander McQueen written all over it. And I love it! It's got studs, it's got skulls, and it's got sparkle. Does it get better than that? £70.00

- By Nikki 

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  1. Love the Skirt!!!