Sunday, 5 May 2013

DIY Multicoloured Fan

A cup of water // A paint palette // Paint brushes // Red, blue + yellow paint // Wet wipes // A fan (obviously)

Remove front cage of fan and use wet wipes to clean any build up of dirt and fluff. The paint won't stick otherwise and plus, it looks horrible. Hopefully none of your fans are as dirty as mine.

Paint the wings red, blue and yellow. It's important you use these three colours as they're the primary colours so they'll mix together to give purple, green and orange too when the fan is spinning. Other colours would probably look cool, but they won't have the same effect.

Paint one coat and leave it to dry over night. Paint a second coat the next day and leave it to dry, depending on the paint you're using it might drip when spinning so it's better to let it dry and be safe.

A lot of paint will get on other parts of the fan other than the wings so make sure to use the wet wipes to clean it up once it's dry to give it a neater look.

Replace the front cage of the fan, plug it in and turn it on and enjoy!

- Big thanks to Megan from The Big Megowski for this colourful DIY!


  1. That looks fab & so easy to do!
    Sarah x