Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Galaxy Print Shoes DIY

I've been really busy in the last week or so with work and well err shopping, so have only just got round to posting my DIY galaxy print shoes I had a go at! I've had great feedback from them and they were dead easy and quick to do!

1. You'll need a pair of black or navy shoes, I got navy ones. You'll also need tape, and paint dye for the navy/black shoes you'll need a bright pink, cobalt blue and white. Don't bother buying a purple as you can just mix the blue and pink. 

2. Tape up the sole of the shoe to keep it neat when painting and take the laces out

3. Mix up your colours, I mixed up a lighter pink a lilac ad a lighter blue, these colours seem to take better when they are lighter. I used a brush to paint my shoes, you may find it easier with a sponge, but I often paint with the same technique used to create the galaxy effect so find it easier with a brush instead of a sponge. However I did use a sponge to take off excess paint 

4. Start dabbing on the paint in patches blending it in as you go, at first it wont show really at all but just let it dry a few mins and go back over it and it'll start to show. If you end up with harsh lines were it's not really blending dab it with a sponge and it will blend it better. 


5. Just keep going over your shoe until your happy with the effect and the colours are strong enough for  you. 

6. Lastly add some little white marks for the "stars" the paint dries quick but i still left mine over night until taking off the tape and ironing. Then admire your handy work!

- Many thanks to Natasha from A Design Rookie for this DIY. Twitter: @adesignrookieee.


  1. What paint is it that you use out of interest?

  2. These look fab, you made it look so easy xxx

  3. hi, its just dylon fabric paint :) and it easy to do! just got to get the dabbing of the sponge or brush right. practice on paper first. there is lots of room for error because using a sponge takes off the paint if its not got enough on and makes te fabric absorb it.more so you can re do areas easily :) x

  4. its just fabric pain think its Dylon I got it from boyes :) and it is easy! its one of those things were if it doesnt look right you can just keep going over it, if your a bit worried at first practice on paper or a piece of cloth :)