Tuesday 17 September 2013

Win £500 to spend at Fashion Union!

UK Blogger Network
Are you a fan of Fashion Union? Would you like to win a massive £500 voucher to spend online at www.fashionunion.com? If the answers yes you will definitely want to enter this amazing competition!!

To be in with a chance of winning all we're asking you to do is create a 'wish list' style blog post of your favourite Fashion Union items. You can see some of our personal favourites above :) In your blog post you will need to link back to this post to let others know how to enter, and link back to the Fashion Union website. Also somewhere in your post we'd like you to include the image below advertising the brand... Simple!
Fashion Union will choose their favourite 8 entries to put on their Facebook page where they're fans will then like their favourite. The one with the most likes will win the £500 voucher!

To recap:
  • Create a wish list blog post featuring your favourite items from www.fashionunion.com - be as creative as you like!
  • Link back to this post to let your readers know how to enter - http://bit.ly/199X4ST
  • Link to the Fashion Union website somewhere within your post using this link - http://bit.ly/1gttgV7
  • Paste the image above into your post and link it to the Fashion Union homepage using this link - http://bit.ly/1gttgV7
  • Once your post is published email the link to bloggers@etailpr.com
  • You have until Monday 30th September 5pm to get your entries to us.
  • Fashion Union will then choose their favourite 8 entries and put them on their Facebook page on Tuesday 1st October.
  • Fashion Union Facebook fans will like which entry they prefer and the winner will be the one with the most likes!! If one of your entries make it to the final 8 you can promote it as much as possible to guarantee as many likes as you can :)
  • The overall winner with the most likes will be announced on Friday 4th October 1pm. 

We hope that made sense! If you have any questions please email bloggers@etailpr.com. We can't wait to see your entries :) Good luck! x

Terms and Conditions:
Entries will close at 5pm, 30th September 2013. The competition commences Tuesday 17th September 2013.
One winner will be contacted via email and announced on the Fashion Union Facebook page on Friday 4th October.
The £500 spend is not exchangeable for cash equivalent.
The 8 finalists will be chosen based on Fashion Union's favourite posts, the posts which represent the brand and it's image the best. The overall winner will be chosen based on the entry with the most likes, chosen by FU Facebook fans.
No purchase is necessary.


  1. Yeah i published my post here: http://www.fashionzauber.com/wishlist-fashion-union/

    Greetings Aline

  2. Here is my Post <3

  3. my wishlist here ! nice competition ♥
    good luck everyone


  4. Great competition!

    Here's my entry: http://wp.me/p2Gk6m-H3

    Good luck bloggers! :)

    Juliana x

  5. I entered :) i kno i wont win because i know a popular blogger entered. But its fun anyway!
    Win £500 to spend at Fashion Union!

    Win £500 to spend at Fashion Union, To enter simply click this link:http://bit.ly/199X4ST
    I personally have never shopped at Fashion Union, But I have seen their website a few times and I always find a few things I want to buy, But never have the money too!
    I think this is a great opportunity for anyone and everyone who likes Fashion Union, New or old customers, or even if you havent even heard of Fashion union, Its so easy to enter and take advantage of this amazing chance!
    The website can be found here: http://bit.ly/1gttgV7
    But trust me, If my favourites seem boring that's because I'm a boring person, The website is cram packed full of really amazing and creative pieces for every wardrobe (and I'm not just saying that!)

    My favourite items on the website are:
    1. The khaki collar parka with removable sherpa, I like this coat most because even though you see alot of coats similar to this, The colouration of the fur on the hood makes this stand out more, and the zip embellishments just add to the whole look, I really love this coat and would happily buy it!


    2. I also really love the Cold shoulder Crew neck Tee's, I've never seen a t-Shirt quite like this before, You always see long sleaved tops with open shoulders but never t-shirts, Its so simple but also very creative and adds an extra flare to a otherwise normal top! And apart from everything, The price is amazing!

    3. The next thing I really love is a pair of jeans I have been after for the longest time, but I can never find any that I quite like, Its always too dark, too light or the wrong colour, but this is spot on for me, The Black Mottled high rise Skinny jeans! The jeans come in two colours, Black and Indigo (although, I like the Black A LOT more!)


    ALL of the pictures used on this post are from the Fashion Union website!
    I know I wont win because some popular Bloggers are entering, and im nobody (Hahaa) But its all fun!

  6. Amazing competition I have entered! Good luck everyone :)


  7. Very nice, I'm so excited ;-)
    Here's my blog post: http://www.fabfashionaire.com/fashion-union-wishlist

    Good luck all!
    Rathana x

  8. Very nice, I'm so excited ;-)
    Here's my blog post http://www.fabfashionaire.com/fashion-union-wishlist

    Good luck all!
    Rathana x

  9. I entered =) http://haziesthazel.blogspot.com/2013/09/fashion-union-wishlist.html

  10. here is mine http://rowansmomsblog.com/single-36-years-old-mom-looks-near-age-hard-find-clothes-trend-look-good/

  11. Here's my entry!!

  12. Great competition! I try it :)


  13. Good luck lovely people :)

    my post is here: http://abfashionlights.blogspot.com/2013/09/fashion-union-wishlist.html

  14. Here is my entry :)


    Good luck everyone x

  15. Good luck everyone,
    Here's my entry if you want a peek!



  16. It's a great competition and I've just finished my wish list!

  17. Such a great competition, good luck to everyone and here's my entry:


    :) xxx

  18. Great idea! My wish list is...



  19. Great idea! My wish list is...


  20. love this competition!
    here's my entry! :)

    angharad x

  21. My wish lis...
    Good luck everyone!!!

  22. Here's mine:

    Blog link: http://shelynated.blogspot.com/2013/09/my-fashionunion-wish-list.html
    Email: shelynated.blogspot.com