Wednesday 4 September 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: White

There are many items of clothing, shoes and bags that are considered staples and are wardrobe must-haves but there are also colour staples, white being one of them (and yes yes I know white is a 'shade' but lets just pretend for this posts sake that it's a colour). It's a staple for many reasons, but the main one being white goes with everything. It's a nice, easy way to brighten up and outfit without having to wearing neon pink lipstick or dying your hair bleach white blonde (although we are partial to both of those every now and again!). Below are a few of our favourite white picks, each a wardrobe staple.

Dress / Bag / Jeggings / Skirt / Top / Trainers

Some of these items such as the pleather skirt from Lashes of London and these ILWF wedge trainers
may seem a bit different but as they are such simple designs and of course in white, they are a lot easier to style than you may initially think. White items would you go for? Do you agree that white is a wardrobe staple?

by Alex from Bambella Blog


  1. That cat top is so cute and the trim of that skirt is so pretty!

    I'm giving away a MAC Lipstick of the competition winners choice on my blog if you'd like to enter