Sunday 1 September 2013

101 Fashion Tips Ever Girl Should Know

I was having a little look on Pinterest recently as I seem to do nearly all day everyday now, and came across this list of 101 fashion tips every girl should know. I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to fun little tips and tricks so couldn't resist having a read. I'm not going to list them all as you can head over to the page here and have a read for yourself, but I just wanted to share a few of my favourites with you all!

1. Remove odors from vintage or thrift clothing by spritzing them with a mixture of one part vodka, two parts water.
2. Cut down your closet by 25% by asking yourself this one question: “If I were shopping right this second, would I buy this?” If the answer’s no, out it goes. — Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, Founder, Clos-ette and Clos-ette Too.

3. Snap clip-on earrings onto flats for an instant evening shoe, or onto shirt collars for DIY embellishments.
4. Spray tights with sticky (read: cheap) hairspray to avoid holes and runs.
5. To stretch tight shoes, fill two freezer bags with water and place into each shoe. Let it freeze overnight. As the water freezes, it’ll gently expand your shoes.

6. Looking for an easy trick to make your bare legs look longer? Try pumps the same color of your skin, which gives give the illusion that your legs extend a few extra inches.
7. Freeze jeans inside a plastic bag for two days to zap odor without running them through the washing machine.
8. If the garment you’re ironing has delicate buttons or detailing, cover them with the bowl of a metal spoon and press the surrounding fabric.
9. When it doubt, always choose the smaller denim size, since jeans stretch with wear.

10. Before bed, pour two or three tablespoons of baking soda into sweaty workout sneakers and tilt the shoe to distribute the soda evenly. This will eat any odor and absorb perspiration.
11. A good tip when cleaning out your closet: Ask a friend whose style you admire to come over and help. She/he might offer new insight on how to wear certain items before you toss them.
12. If you’re unsure about an impulse or sale purchase, leave it at the store. If you’re still thinking about it when you wake up the next day, buy it.

What do you think about these little tips? Are there any you already knew or are you as in awe as I am at these creative ideas?

by Alex from Bambella Blog


  1. Love this, I'm actually going to read the full list now! x

  2. Some really handy little tips! I love them! x

  3. These tips are amazing! :) ♥ Will definitely hae to try a few.

  4. This is amazing! I've favourited the page so I can come back and check tips because they're all so useful! The first tip will save some many of my clothes because I wash them so much to rid the smell and then they ruin! :(
    Mia x
    Mia Alice in Wonderland

  5. Amazing tips and thank you for sharing!!

  6. Wow I need to use a few of these tips, especially with clearing out my wardrobe!


  7. this has been insanely helpful thank you so much :)

  8. Great advise!! :) xx