Tuesday 3 September 2013

DIY Your Desk

I don't know about you, but there's something ridiculously satisfying about making something yourself. Especially when you would have spent a silly amount of money on something similar in a shop, that turns out to not be quite as nice and not be exactly what you wanted.

When it comes to decorating your home, most people will have an exact idea of what they want but more often that not you see things that are a little too big or a little too pink or a little too dull. By making it yourself you can save yourself a small fortune and get it the exact size, pinkness or wackiness that you want! Below are a few ideas of desk area DIYs that are easy, fun and allow a lot of personalised styling.

Chalkboard wall / Cake stand storage / Framed pictures / Pallet desk / Pen tins / Taped desk
Starting with the desk itself, why not make one from scratch using an old wooden pallet? This also allows storage underneath for things like books, boxes and stationary. Or if you already own one but are getting bored of its unexciting white top, you could cover it in different coloured tape or even going one step further and decoupaging the top!

Storage wise, decorating some tin cans can give a really cute, unique look to your desk. Or if you have a lot of stationary that needs to be kept to hand, try popping it all in different sizes jars and putting them all on a cupcake stand so it can be kept neatly all in one place.

Finally for the surrounding walls, if your a pro note maker but keep getting lost in little pieces of paper, you could paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint meaning you can have it all right in front of you, and once you're finished with it you can simply wipe it away! Or if you already have a wallpaper up you love and still want to make it a little more personalised, why not get a large, fancy picture frame from a charity shop, paint it white and fill it with a cork board so you can pin up postcards, love notes and Polaroids.

by Alex from Bambella Blog


  1. Love these storage ideas! I'm also going to have a go soon at making my own notice board.

  2. great DIY ideas! migt have to try some of these out for sure!



  3. definitely doing the cake stand thing, so clever!


  4. Love the idea of decoupaging a desk - may give that a go on the fronts of my drawers :)

    Jess xo