Tuesday 27 August 2013

Fashion Inspired Nails

It's so easy to find yourself either painting your nails the same colour, the same pattern or just not bothering when you run out of ideas. Recently I've seen people painting their nails in patterns inspired by items of clothing they own or see online. This is such a great idea, as not only does it allow endless inspiration, but also means you can match your nails to your outfit right down to the last detail! Below are a few examples of some amazing nail art that would look amazing with this handful of dresses, tops and shorts.

Spots: Top Nails / Tartan: Dress Nails / Blue glitter: Dress Nails / Ombre: Dress Nails / American flag: Shorts +  Nails / Stripes: Top Nails

What do you think of being mega-matchy with your nails and clothes? And which are your favourite designs? I personally love the glittery blue design as, like nearly every other girl, I've always secretly wanted to be a mermaid!

by Alex from Bambella Blog