Thursday 25 April 2013

Celeb Style: Emma Watson

As she has just turned 23, this is the perfect time to take a lot at Emma Watson’s magical style transformation though the years.

Miss Emma Watson has certainly come a long way from her first Harry Potter premiere all those years ago and now she has the whole world watching her every sartorial move.

From gawky witch to fashion icon, we have seen Emma’s style blossom over time. Now she exudes effortless style and poise on the red carpet; always topping best dressed looks, never making a fashion faux pas. But dressing classy is never boring or frumpy - it's the daring twist on her sophisticated personal style that sets her apart from the pack.

While she may have said that "there's nothing interesting about looking perfect", she is rarely photographed looking anything less, but it’s a refreshing attitude for a young starlet to have – something which makes her so endearing to her fans.

All those fabulous red-carpet choices have caught the attention of serious fashion heavyweights such as Karl Lagerfeld (who photographed her), she has modeled for Burberry and has been signed to Lancôme – creating her own perfume and modeling a new range of lipsticks. She has also had the privilege of being able to wear many items fresh-from-the-runway, which is not afforded to many. Many people don’t realize that Emma was actually born in Paris, perhaps that explains her love of Chanel, Zadig et Voltaire, and Lancôme.

While she has been keen to shake off her clean cut Harry Potter image and has taken on some more risqué film roles, she still maintains her classy, understated style. Burberry’s Christopher Bailey described her as "a great character and a modern edge" which I think sums her style up perfectly, she always dresses chic but is definitely taking more risks with her red carpet choices.

Photos of Emma feature in a new photography book by James Houston, which has ‘the goal to raise awareness and funds for the environment and sustainable living’. Emma looks stunning in the photographs and has stated she owes her fabulous figure to yoga and going for walks in the park (there’s hope for the rest of us…!).

Emma has said that her beauty mantra is  “Believing in yourself, being self-confident, it makes you look beautiful. That was Audrey Hepburn’s case.” And with regards to clothes, she always underlines how important she thinks it is to have fun and enjoy the fashion you wear.

She showcases timeless elegance with a modern twist, and is a perfect English Rose. This fashion darling is certainly here to stay and will continue to make waves in the fashion world.


  1. Emma is perfection! So classy but cool at the same time

  2. i love her different hairstyles through the years!