Friday, 10 April 2015

The Perfect Blog: How to Create One!

The Blogger Network's Top Tips for the Perfect Blog!

The Blogger Network has a mix of many, many different bloggers and here at etailPR, we are passionate about helping our bloggers to get involved with the network - no matter what their level! So we thought what better way to help our up and coming bloggers, whether you're new to the network or new to the blogging world, than to put together a check list of what we think makes the perfect blog! Take a look at our top tips below and see how it could give your blog a boost!

Blogger checklist:

  • etailPR Approved Banner - do you have yours on your sidebar? If not, login to the network here and follow these simple steps to install yours... 
Once you’ve logged in, click the Promotion tab > Banners & Links > Search 'etailPR Blogger Network’ > Banner of your choice > Copy & paste banner code and add to sidebar on your blog! 

Alternatively, if you are a blogger and are not signed up to the Blogger Network, sign up here to get involved!
  • Social links - make sure you have your social media icons linking directly through to each of your social pages! These are really important, not only for your readers to be able to find you on social media, but for us to view your social following as quickly and easily as possible without searching your blog to find them!

  • Contact details - make sure you have a 'contact' tab where your personal email address is available. We outreach to bloggers all the time, so this needs to be easily accessible!
  • Search bar - these are massive time savers! When we or your reader are searching for a particular blog post, it saves a lot time scrolling through the pages of previous posts!
  • Imagery - all imagery should be high quality and clearly display the item you are reviewing in the best possible light 
  • Content
    • All posts should be a min. of 300 words
    • There should be a min. of 3 images to accompany the blog post
    • The use of 3 links, linking directly to the brand 
    • One link to etailPR Blogger Network
    • Content tailored to the specific criteria given by the brand on the Blogger Network
    • Moderated comments - choose the option to approve all comments left on your blog, this is to avoid receiving any spam comments!
  • Image titles - be sure to tag your image with the key words you are looking to promote within your blog post. For example, if you are writing a post on Chi Chi's 'Carmen dress' you would tag the images with key words such as 'Chi Chi Carmen dress' 'Chi Chi dress' etc so these can be found when searched by others
  • Optimise your titles - for S.E.O purposes (search engine optimisation). Make sure the name of the brand you are blogging about is at the beginning of your title. Particularly for sample campaigns that are specifically for S.E.O. You can find this out in the campaign criteria and descriptions on the network.

To give you an idea of what all these points should look like on a blog, we have selected our top 4 faves, all with varied layouts, who have followed the points above!

Do you think YOU could get your blog looking as good as these? Would YOU like to feature in our top picks? We hope these example blogs have got you excited to perfect yours! 

We always enjoy checking out new blogs! So whether you're a brand new blogger or just looking to give your blog a boost, try out our points above to increase your chances of working with more brands and gaining exposure!


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