Thursday 23 April 2015

Spooky Eyes: etailPR Blogger Network review!

Yes Halloween was a few months back I hear you say? Well now festival season is upon us you’ll need your pair of freaky cool Spooky Eyes to try out an edgy new eye colour. Or like us, you’re just curious at what they’d look like!! 

This morning, having received a lovely parcel from our friends at Spooky Eyes, I took one for the etailPR's Blogger Network team and popped in the Spooky Eyes White Manson Contact Lenses for a little office prank - and by the way I really do mean popped them in! For someone who doesn't wear contacts these were very easy to put on! (Tip: Look straight ahead through the lens and into the mirror!)

Not only were the lenses easy to put in but I felt safe doing so. The contact lenses came individually packaged with tightly sealed foil lids. Inside the packaging the Spooky Eyes contact lenses are kept in a solution just like corrective ones. The packaging also reassured me that they are FDA Approved. (The FDA is the American Food and Drugs Administration) This means they have been tested and are as safe as corrective contact lenses you can get from the opticians.

The idea was that I would pop these lenses in and walk into next doors office to give them a little scare. But as soon as I had one of these lenses in, I was distracted by instantly thinking of the next fancy dress opportunity! With festivals such as Secret Garden Party and Bestival encouraging fancy dress, they are the perfect new festival accessory to your festival outfit!

The reaction in the office was a mixture of shocked and almost believing they were real! - certainly proof of how realistic these contacts are! (I wish I had thought to film it!) They were very comfortable as well and after having photos taken I had gotten so used to them I sat back down to work forgetting I still had them in - bit of a shock when I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror! 

If they are this comfortable to wear then there is no reason they would not be perfect for a day at a festival!

If you're looking for something more subtle, Spooky Eyes also do lenses that are a little less Killer Zombie and a little more Kylie Jenner. Here are some of their great more natural coloured lenses for day to day wear if you fancy following the beauty trend of changing up your eye colour!

Everything from Barbie Pink, Violet, Green, Blue and a Silvery Grey, these contacts are guaranteed to mix up your beauty look! Kylie Jenner went for a blue hue in a recent Instagram post that proved a hit, racking up 1.3m likes! It's a great way to temporarily change up your image - again, why not try this at a festival!?

@kyliejenner / Instagram
Now I know how easy and comfortable these contacts are I am really intrigued to experiment with my eye-colour, and I will definitely be keeping Spooky Eyes in mind for any festival fancy dress I will be needing this summer. The Yellow Daisy Contact Lenses just may be the final addition to my boho inspired outfits for Glastonbury!


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