Tuesday 8 October 2013

The Watch Hut offer Casio samples!

A new brand has launched on the etailPR blogger network today called The Watch Hut. They are offering bloggers a silver digital Casio watch in exchange for a brand mention.

(Open to UK bloggers only) 

If you'd love to receive a Casio watch for your blog you need to have one of these two criteria...
  • You must ensure that the Page Rank of your site is above 3 
  • Or that the Domain Authority of your site is above 30. 
To check whether your site meets these criteria please click here and add your URL. The image below shows the sections you need to refer to, to find your Page Rank and Domain Authority:

If your site meets these requirements, then please sign in to your Blogger Network account (or sign up here), then apply for the campaign under 'Promotion' > 'Campaigns' and a member of the etailPR team will be in touch to arrange your post!
etailPR will allocate you a specific link to the site, so please don't create your post before it has been arranged with the etailPR team. 

The content of the post is completely flexible, we just need you to use your specific link through to the site. So you could create a wishlist from The Watch Hut website with other items and brands, mention it in one of your outfit posts, or create a whole post based around the site and products - it's down to you!

Please note, etailPR will also be checking the Page Rank and Domain Authority of your site so you will only be contacted when it has been confirmed that your site meets the criteria needed. 

Please only apply to the campaign if your site meets one of the criteria listed above. 


What is Page Rank?
Page Rank measures the importance of a website (in the eyes of Google). It contributes to where your site is placed in Google search results. The higher the Page Rank number (between 0 and 10), the more importance Google gives to your site - meaning that it will rank higher in it's searches.  

What is Domain Authority?
Domain Authority measures the power of a site's domain, in regards to the age, popularity and size of the site. Again a higher Domain Authority (between 0 and 100), means that a site is more likely to be listed higher in Google's search results.


  1. Ooh :( my DA is 50 but page rank 0 :( I'm a big fan of casio! I wear mine every day!

    1. You can do it, you have to have either a page rank of 3 or over OR DA of 30 or over :)

  2. How do you build page rank? Any tips / ideas / more explanations please?