Friday 18 October 2013

Fashion Union offer samples on etailPR Blogger Network!

Fashion Union have just launched on the etailPR Blogger Network! They're looking to work with UK and European bloggers, with over 600 blog followers on a fashion focused blog. 

They will offer you an item of clothing of your choice, in exchange for a blog post about the brand and website! They're also offering your readers 15% off items at Fashion Union with the code 'BLOG15'.

Fashion Union blogger banner

Some of our favourite Fashion Union pieces are below:

How to work with Fashion Union:
- Log into your Blogger Network account (or create an account here)
- Go to 'Promotion' then 'Campaigns'
- Click 'Apply next to the Fashion Union campaign, if you meet the criteria
- Wait for approval (this could take a few days)
- Once approved you will receive an email, log into your account and head to 'Brand Samples'
- Select the sample you'd like to receive under the Fashion Union tab!

Please get in touch if you have any questions! :)


  1. Your dress collection are beautiful. This is a great post. I recently launched my challenge 'the frugally fabulous year' over on my blog, which involves not buying from high street stores for one year and pushing myself more creatively with upcycling etc. But this is really a reaction to the terrible ways in which some of the biggest companies treat factory staff etc. We shouldn't be sheltered.from it, we should be making a stand! DefyBoardShop.Com

  2. hey etailPR, got any tips for me getting 600 followers on my blog?