Saturday 5 October 2013

Paisley nail art!

Caroline from is often a favourite blog of ours in the office for her beautiful outfit posts, impressive nail art tutorials and creative DIY posts.

Her nail art always inspires us to be more imaginative with our own nails. This paisley pattern that she blogged about here is one of our recent favourites. Paisley print is very popular at the moment in fashion and we've seen some gorgeous items crop up on your blogs over the past couple of months. What better than to match your paisley patterned garments with some paisley print nails! I'm not sure we've got the steady hand for such an intricate design but we're going to give it ago :)

If you've got any cool nail art tutorials recently we'd love to see them. Leave your links below!


  1. It's actually about reflecting your personality via art, to raise awareness for anxiety and mental health. It's a little campaign I arranged called #GettingArtyForAnxiety and Caroline was lovely enough to come up with this! Molly x