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etailPR Top 10 Blogger Tips: Guest Blog Post from an Etail PR intern

Hi I'm Katie! It’s my first day interning at etailPR and as a blogger my self (What Katie Says), I’m relishing the opportunity to get stuck right in and create a guest post! This fabulous blogger network is continually growing and with that, comes new bloggers every single day. I mean, who wouldn’t want to become a blogger? The opportunities are endless and 100% fits in with the quote ‘work hard, play hard.’ However some bloggers, new or old, need some advice along the way, which is why we here at etailPR want to give you the helping hand you might need.

Here are my top 10 blogging tips:

1. Create your own voice
Blogging is your own corner of the Internet with nobody to tell you how you should or shouldn’t write. Always let your personality shine through with your posts and it will help your readers connect with you! Don’t be afraid to write in a chatty tone and don’t feel like you should copy someone else’s style.

2. Get social network savvy
There’s no doubt some of you know social networking like the back of your hand, yet I’m sure some of you are still asking yourself ‘What’s a hashtag?!’ (You may be living under a rock). As a blogger, you need to be a pro. Follow your favourite bloggers on all social media platforms, talk with other bloggers, swap posts to read, upload pictures that fit with the style of your blog, and always continue your tone of voice across all platforms! Use the hashtags #blogger #fblogger #bblogger to attract readers. You will be surprised at how quickly your following and readership increases once you’ve nailed social networking!

3. Picture perfect
It’s a proven fact that we have short attention spans. The use of pictures can help to entice readers to your blog post. Don’t scare them away with an overwhelming amount of text with just a tiny picture at the bottom. Put photos at the top of a post to then continue through out, make them big and clear and don’t be afraid to play around with some editing. My favourite blogs have a theme to their pictures, so find a niche for yours. You don’t need a fancy camera; just good lighting will make a photo blog-worthy! Tag your photos with relevant tags as well; this will increase your SEO.

4. Creative content
There are thousands of blogs in the blogosphere, so keep your content creative. Always keep an eye out for inspiration for new blog posts that haven’t been done before! If you ever get stuck, put a new spin on it. Why not ‘What’s in my gym bag’ as apposed to a usual ‘What’s in my bag’ post. Keep thinking outside of the box and it will make readers want to read your's over everyone else’s!

5. Stick to a schedule
This keeps readers excited. You don’t have to blog everyday, once a week or even a fortnight can be enough! Just make sure to always publish your post on the same day at the same time. This can be easily done by scheduling your post rather than publishing straight away. You can then count down on social networking, so followers get excited about reading your new posts, and can get in a routine of checking your blog, say on a Friday evening. Post tweets such as: ‘Can’t wait to hear what you all think of this weeks blog post! It’s going live tomorrow!’

6. Clear layout, clear mind
A simple layout creates more attention to your blog post. A bold title at the top and white background behind font makes it easier to read and makes photos stand out. Don’t be afraid to put your personality out through your design.

7. Be honest
Once you get a certain amount of followers, you will start to receive some sample post opportunities. Like the ones we offer here at etailPR! (Take a look at our network here). Always be honest with what you’re writing, if you say you love something, your readers want to be able to trust your opinion. Don’t let them waste their money on something just because you wanted more free stuff!

8. Get linking
Always provide a link to products you have mentioned. This makes it a so much easier for readers to locate the products/items you are referring to! As well as this, link to other posts of yours to keep readers on your blog as long as possible.

9. Avoid negativity
No one wants to read a really negative blog, so avoid writing too many bad reviews. Whilst of course you have to be honest, maybe think about avoiding a review at all, rather than moaning. This may stop brands wanting to work with you in the future.

10. Enjoy blogging!
Blogging can be so much fun, don’t get caught up under the pressure. Keep calm and blog on. Always remember why you started in the first place!

I hope these tips have helped! If you have any more you’ve picked up on the way don’t be afraid to let us know!

Thanks for reading!

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