Tuesday, 24 March 2015

304# Clothing: Brand (new) Introduction

304# Clothing's samples will be LIVE on the blogger network 26th March giving YOU the opportunity to work with them! Don't forget to apply for our campaigns here ready to choose your samples when they open! 

First things first, let's find out a bit more about them...

The brand was founded by three friends who met at University and wanted to make their own vests for the music festival Parklife, so started creating these with their own fair hands. It all began by simple cut out letters in felt, transferring them onto vests to design their own American culture inspired slogans and a brand was born!

304 Clothing

At the festival the vests were so popular with their friends who wanted a vest of their own, so they began making and designing clothes from their apartment and selling them for an extra income. This is where the idea for the name of the brand came from, as the number of their apartment was (yes, you guessed it) number 304.

From here it grew into a fully-fledged business and within a few months they were sending out products all over the world, straight from their own apartment in Manchester. Now their handmade slogans, that started out from felt, make the statements on their clothes and cements them as THE official supplier of the slogan tee!

305 Clothing

304 Clothing

Do you like the sound of this homemade brand? The authenticity of this brand is what makes it unique. So if you like unique and individual brands then 304# Clothing will be right up your street! 
Check them out now to start choosing what items you would like to get your hands on...


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