Thursday 20 August 2015

Customised Kids Clothing with Malcolm & Gerald

Customised Kids Clothing with Malcolm & Gerald

Mummy bloggers listen up! 

To be eligible for this campaign you have to be a UK based blogger with over 4K followers across all social platforms with great engagement!

In exchange for your sample, bloggers must complete the following:

1. Create a blog post with 300+ words of content and 3 images of the product.

2. Include 3 links to the brand/product and 1 link to etailPR

The post must be shared on Instagram tagging @MalcolmGerald

Malcolm & Gerald (M&G) was established in 2014. It was named after Malcolm the monkey and Gerald the giraffe, the beloved companions of Alex (aged 6) and Charlie (aged 2). They (the boys not the toys!) were the inspiration for the M&G clothing line. 

The boys liked nothing more than clothes and accessories with their names on. Malcolm & Gerald are still not sure why but it seemed to work and everyone who saw the boys wearing the M&G designs seemed to love them too. 

Malcolm and Gerald are a monkey and giraffe duo who make fabulous personalised T-shirts, School bags, Pencil cases, and much more for your little ones. There's even baby grows for your tiny ones!
Simply apply and if selected for samples, email with your name choice for your child and it will be handmade specially for you!

If you are eligible for this campaign then log in to the network and get applying as the samples are now live!!

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