Wednesday 5 August 2015

etailPR's NEW Blogger Network is LIVE

etailPR is LIVE!!

We are excited and relieved to announce that the new network is LIVE
If you have not received the email that informs you what to do in order to log in, do not worry!

Click here, change your password and fill in your brand new profile page. This is essential to do this ASAP because if you don’t you unfortunately wont be eligible for any campaigns, this would be a shame as we wont you to make the most from the NEW etailPR.

Want to know what your profile page is?
Let's take a look!
Here is an example of what you profile page should look like:

To edit your profile click the arrow in the top right corner by ‘WELCOME BACK’ and click EDIT PROFILE

And you will be redirected to a page similar to this!

Have some fun filling out your profile adding your favourite photos and a little explanation about yourself! Use this page to advertise you and your blog flaunting everything from your photos, outfits and your posts- get creative! Profiles that are completed will appear in our Profiles section where brands can check you out and let us know if they would like to collaborate with you!!
So, it is definitely worth taking a few moments to fill this out. 

Remember, if you don't fill up your profile, not only will it will look a little bare and sad, but also you won't be eligible for campaigns!!

So your profile has been filled out, looking lovely, what’s next? APPLY FOR CAMPAIGNS! Click dashboard at the top of the page and have a little explore! It will look a little something like this…

Under "Campaigns you’re eligible for" you will see every campaign that you have the correct criteria to apply for! So get applying! By clicking on the image the page will expand describing to you the campaign criteria, a little bit about the brand, post requirements and how to request samples. Here’s an example for Hazel + Kent…

Next step is easy, if you’re interested in applying click ‘apply for this campaign’, if it doesn’t float your boat click ‘close’ and keep looking through the others you are eligible for! The process is now super simple and super fun with the quick one click application method.

Back on the Dashboard, 'Your current campaigns' shows you every campaign you’re on and have been accepted to. ‘Campaigns awaiting approval’ is every campaign that you are either waiting for confirmation from or you have been rejected from and ‘Unsuitable campaigns’ shows you campaigns where you don’t meet the requirements. By clicking any of these an orange bar will appear explaining why you are ineligible…

Confused about the icons in the corner of each campaign? If you hover over the top right hand corner of each campaign icon a question mark will appear, have a click and a key will appear telling you what each icon means…

We hope this is all simple for you to use and you follow our little step-by-step tutorial okay. Now you’ve had a little read, all the more reason to get that profile up and running and those campaigns applied for! We’d love to hear your feedback and experiences of the new network on social media, etailPR love!

If you have any problems, here are some FAQ’s already answered for you…

Why am I not eligible for campaigns?
Firstly, if you log on and no campaigns have been suggested that you’re eligible for it is probably because your profile isn’t filled out or is incomplete. You need to do this ASAP to make sure you are eligible for ANY campaigns. If you are still asking this question when your profile is complete this maybe why; each of the brands gives us particular criteria for bloggers they would like to promote their brand. This could be number of followers on one social media platform, a particular kind of blog (whether you’re a lifestyle, fashion or beauty blog) or location (some campaigns are only eligible for particular parts of the world) so make sure you double check the campaign criteria. But don’t worry! Some of our campaigns are CPA which are usually eligible for any blog, so keep your eyes peeled for these too!

Why have my campaign relationships gone?
During the switchover to the new network the systems had to be wiped clean to help the process so, unfortunately any previous campaign relationships you may have had were lost. But it’s okay! The new network gives you the opportunity to start afresh along with etailPR!

How do I submit a blog post for the August samples?
If you are lucky enough to already be accepted onto the August campaign the new network will unfortunately not recognise this but you still will receive your samples and you are still on the campaign! When you receive your sample, you will have two weeks to post on your blog and email us the blog post link to

lots of etailPR love

Find more information on The Blogger Network here.

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  1. I absolutely love the new site! So much easier to use and my profile looks really professional! Thanks EtailPR! Great Job!