Thursday 30 July 2015


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY has come round again and you might find yourself wondering where the week has gone. But this Thursday at etailPR instead of throwing back we are looking at what exciting things are to come by THROWING FORWARD!  As you have seen in our previous blog post we are launching a BRAND NEW network for all our bloggers and influencers. It will be simple and easy to use along with a gorgeous new look. So, why don’t you join us by THROWING FORWARD too? Now is the perfect opportunity for you to give us a try! Why not sign up for this month’s sample opportunities before they end, giving yourself new products to try and giving your bloggers new content!.

As we are trying a new look, why not try one for yourself!?

Has there always been that one look you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest that you have thought about experimenting with but have been too nervous to try? Could your look do something a bit different? Two brands this week that will help you achieve this are Spooky Eyes and Body Jewellery Shop!

Whether you want to add an extra pop of colour to your outfit or just wish to enhance your natural beauty SPOOKY EYES contact lenses will achieve this safely and effortlessly whilst maintaining your own individuality. If you are not sure what to expect why not have a read when a member of the team tried the White Mason contact lenses for herself. Our SPOOKY EYES campaign is open to any blogger regardless of whether you are in the UK or the US or how many followers you have; so why not pop your blogger network cherry by applying for a sample from Spooky Eyes? 

In the words of Michael Kors himself; "Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit…" Body Jewellery Shop brings you that exclamation point. The brand is on the network now offering you a variety of products from tragus jewellery to fake ear cuffs all in a variety of cute styles, which will compliment every look in your wardrobe.

The fake body jewellery available is beautiful and realistic offering you the opportunity to try the new summer trend of piercings without the commitment, allowing you to match beauty looks sported by Rihanna and Jessie J.

By signing up this week you can experience both these beautiful brands for yourself whilst bringing new and exciting content to your viewers. The process is quick and easy, and with the launch of the new bloggers network next week the process going forward will be made even easier. So here’s to a THROW FORWARD for you and for us. Log in NOW! 


Not sure how to apply? Don’t worry, check out our previous blogpost about the ins and outs of what to do! 

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