Tuesday 21 July 2015


OMG. Get the 4th August in your diaries ladies and gentlemen, the BRAND NEW etailPR network is here!!

We have been hard at work developing a brand new network for bloggers and influencers of all sizes that will launch on the 4th August 2015!

The lovely developers at WeHeartDigital have helped us create a network that works better for you. The new network is shiny, polished and new and is waiting for you all to get on it!

The new network aims to provide a fun, informative and helpful tool for bloggers and digital influencers that want to make the most out of their blogs, social platforms and video channels.

The new network will be now known simply as etailPR and the simplicity of the network does not end there!

Long gone are the days of missing emails and confusing campaigns! This new network, of which we have invested a lot of time and money in, promises to make applying for samples, signing up for Lead Gen and running CPC campaigns on your blog, easy and simple to do. 

Our mission is to provide you with the best tools, the best competitions, the best opportunities to improve your blog!! etailPR is getting educational!

What should I expect?

On the 4th August there may be a short period of downtime where you are redirected to another page. However, as soon as the network is up and running, we will send out a tweet and an email reminding you to log on NOW! When you log in, expect to see a completely new layout, with brand new exclusive campaigns, competitions, tips and also your own area to host a profile page that brands can see!

Why should I swap over to the new network?

To celebrate the launch we will be providing you with BRAND NEW, EXCLUSIVE, EXCITING deals from TOP BRANDS. In the run up to the launch we will be releasing the names and launch dates of these exclusive deals. 

THE ONE TO WATCH OUT FOR: On 4th August we will be giving away a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME PRIZE to all of those who move over to the new network. So, not only will you have access to all these exciting deals, but you will also enter the draw to WIN with etailPR.

The old network address and system will no longer work after the 4th August. Thus, if you want to remain a part of the new and improved network, you will need to log in, change your password and update your brand new profile page!

What are the main changes?

There are tonnes of improvements but here are some of the most significant:

The look of the site is totally new and fresh making it so much easier to navigate!

The network now automatically works out which campaigns you are eligible for and presents these to you in your dashboard so you know exactly what you can apply for!

Emails are now fully functional so you can expect both accept and decline emails to be sent out as soon as decisions have been made at etailPR HQ. 

Every person on the network will have their very own profile page which will be viewable by bloggers and brands. This space will be your chance to sell yourself and get on those campaigns!

The site will be the beginning of a rapidly expanding, growing, etailPR. We will be implementing changes along the way and going above and beyond to make your etailPR experience THE BEST.

What do I do if I experience technical difficulties?

As the network changes over we do expect that there will be some glitches. If you are experiencing any difficulties we please do ask that you first check our Twitter page where we will update you with any known faults. If the problem is not on Twitter and continues to persist then please drop us an email to digitalpr@etailpr.com and bear with us whilst we deal with the large amount of emails we expect at this time. 

Nearer the time, we will provide you with information on what to expect around the time of the launch. There will be a little down-time as the network swaps over, but we are aiming to be up, running and totally with you by the next day.


Stay tuned on Twitter, Instagram and this blog for more news!

We also have to say a HUGE thankyou to all of you who participated in helping us test this new network and provided us with feedback. You're the BEST!

If you're a brand and you want to be the FIRST on the new etailPR Blogger Network. Please get in touch at digitalpr@etailpr.com


  1. what will happened with unpaid comissions? I've been waiting for a reply for months. thanks

  2. So we just log-in to the new site with our current details and we'll be able to log-in and update our profile for the new site?