Thursday 14 May 2015

Hazel and Kent: etailPR Blogger Network Exclusive Review

Are you looking for some perfect daytime dangly earrings?? Well then the Unique Nature Grey Agate Hook Earrings by Sence Copenhagen are perfect!!

Our lovely friends at Hazel and Kent sent us over a sample of one of the brands that they stock: Sence Copenhagen. 

The earrings arrived in beautiful Sence Copenhagen gift packaging, wrapped in silky tissue paper and placed inside a gorgeous ribbon handled gift bag. A real treat!

What was inside however was an even better treat!!

We were sent these stunning earrings that have a delicate grey coloured agate stone that dangles from a silver hook. We knew that stones have important meanings so we set about researching what these beautiful earrings would bring us - besides compliments !

It turns out that Grey Agate is the stone of balance. Agates are considered power stones and are grounding, solid and stable. They have excellent protective and healing energy and also help awaken your natural inherent talents apparently! We think these earrings sound like the perfect day-to-day stone to have to keep you grounded and solid at work, and if you have a cheeky after work date then you will be flaunting your natural talents - all whilst being impeccably accessorised!

We checked out more of the Sence Copenhagen range over on Hazel and Kent's website and we were very impressed! Not only do they have a great price point for semi-precious stones but the simple designs make the jewellery easy to pair with every outfit!

So if you are looking for some high quality earrings to match with your day to day outfits, or even if you want a simple present for somebody this summer, then hit up Hazel and Kent and search for Sence Copenhagen!


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