Tuesday 19 May 2015

etailPR Blogger Network: Guest Blogger Tips

Here at etailPR HQ a new feature is going live. We want you to know all the hints and tips to having a great blog so we are beginning 'Guest Blogger Tips'.

Our first Guest to talk to us about 'How to Write a Good Review' is Hannah Williams from Hannah Rose. So without further ado, here is Hannah telling you all about how you can write the perfect review for you samples this month!!

Hi there! I’m Hannah, a beauty, fitness and fashion blogger from Wales. I am a full time student studying English and Journalism (can you tell I love to write?). I am always looking to write more, so I thought I would get involved with etailPR and write this Guest Blog Post for them.

There are a million tips people can give you when their being asked how to write a good review, I’m going to hit this subject on the head and focus on the three main factors that I believe are important in writing a good review.

Like a fairy tale, it must have a beginning, middle and an end. Structure is key. Discuss why you purchased/attended the event and your personal expectations then you can ease into the main body of the review. Stating the pros and cons is crucial. Readers need to know what you loved about it and what you didn’t love, otherwise how are they supposed to make their minds up whether to purchase it or not? The ending is what you will leave people on, so it needs to be on point and key to what you are reviewing, no waffling. Concisely state your final thoughts so people understand and then they can decide whether to purchase the product or not.

Also, you have to know who your audience is. Writing a toy review catered for mums and dads will be different to writing a hair product review for a beauty mad female. Think carefully about who it is you’re writing for; does it need to be humorous or serious? Does it require more background information? By writing correctly for your audience, you will receive more traffic and followers that are suited to your blog. You will then gain loyal followers who will integrate with your blog.

Lastly, and I believe most importantly, you need to be honest. Whether it’s a sponsored/ paid post or just something you want to write about, honesty is needed. If it is a paid or sponsored post, don’t think you have to lie and say you loved it when you didn’t, simply send the company/the brand an email explaining you disliked it and why and whether they still want you to post it. Don’t forget to have respect for your own review and the company you are writing about.


Thankyou Hannah! 
Now just in case you hadn't seen, we also had Lauren Ellis from Journey of a PR Girl come to visit etailPR a few weeks ago and we filmed a Q&A with her on her Blogger Secrets
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