Saturday 21 March 2015

Ipanema Flip Flops Summer Wish List!

Ipanema Flip Flops

Summer is coming, my holiday is booked so it's time to replace my trusty (but very worn) flip flops from previous years! As a lover of Havaianas myself, I would usually be replacing my others with another pair of these. That was, until, I had a look on the Ipanema website and saw the uncanny similarity between the brands - the only difference being the price. 

Paying in the region of £25 for a pair of flip flops was considered the norm for me, however, after browsing the flip flops on Ipanema's site, I've discovered I could potentially get the same pair for around half the price!

So here's my pick of what I will be wearing this summer... now my Havaiana's have had their day!

First up are these Ipanema Brazil's. I have the blue version of these from Havaiana at the moment and was planning on purchasing another colour next... However after finding them on Ipanema for £15 in comparison to the £25 I would be spending with Havaiana, surely it seems silly not to get the same pair for cheaper?! I lived in my others during summer, so after reading how Ipanema not only create fashion footwear which reflects the spirit and lifestyle of the Brazilian beach culture, but combine this style with comfort, is a no brainer for me! 

Next up is the Ipanema Festival Sandal which, during the festival season, is staple piece in any summer wardrobe! These would be perfect for me, as I'm not one to wear a pair of high wedges when flats are so much comfier (and look just as good!) This pair in particular would work well with a number of outfits, as black is an obvious favourite when constructing any outfit and I have a personal preference of gold when it comes to accessories. 

Lastly, let's add a bit of Ipanema Sparkle to the equation. Everyone needs some summer sparkle for those laid back summer nights on the patio, at the beach or in a beer garden, chilling in the sunshine! The elegant style of this sandal works just as well as the off duty look. I'd be able to style this versatile sandal with a variety of looks, which is what you want with any garment, accessory or shoe!

Think you could write a wish list like this?

etailPR are currently looking for bloggers to create their own wish lists on what YOU would wear from Ipanema and why... So if you're looking to replace your trusty summer sandals or are just in need of a new pair of flip flops to live in during summer, treat your feet to Ipanema's versatile range this season... and become a convert like me!


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  1. Ahhhhh I love the festival flip flops! Think I might have to go and make a cheeky purchase hehe!