Thursday 5 December 2013

Clique - CLOSED

Clique is the world's first truly shoppable magazine with extra content and value accessed via an app on your mobile phone. For the first time in print magazines, content can be bought, shared, watched or bookmarked, as if the experience was happening online. Packed with must-read fashion, beauty and lifestyle features, news, shopping and trends. Clique aims to not only inspire but to bring maximum value to its readers.

Clique want you and your readers to sign up to receive their free monthly magazine. You can promote their magazine and its sign up page via a blog post, a tweet, a Facebook status, any way you wish. All you must ensure is that you use your personalised tracking link which can be found under 'Promotion' > 'Banners & Links' - and then search for Clique in the 'Campaign' drop down menu.

For every person that enters this competition through your personalised tracking link you will receive commission. 
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This campaign has now closed!

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