Thursday 5 December 2013

Celeb style: Kendall Jenner

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The Jenner/Kardashian family are constantly in the press and just recently we've noticed an influx in articles about Kendall Jenner. Mainly because she was spotted on a date with Harry Styles. But nonetheless whilst reading these articles the one thing that stood out was how gorgeous Kendall looks in each one!
Yes okay she's a model so we expect her to look super tall, slim and beautiful. But she also dresses immaculately and her style has really developed over the last couple of years as she grows into a woman.

Last week she was spotted in NYC with sister Kim and we fell head over heels for her fluffy white jumper and comfy check trouser combo. She's a fan of white with many of her basics in the colour and more risque outfits, and we love this colour on her. She looks so effortlessly chic all the time... jealous!


  1. She looks so good and classy !! :) love her style :)

  2. That red dress is just perfection.