Tuesday 19 February 2013

Guest post: Vintage Style Me

This week we wanted to bring you something a little different on our blog by having someone within the blogosphere and design industry talk about their passion!

Someone dear to our hearts and based locally to our office in Cheltenham is Rhiannon Alexander, the founder of Vintage Style Me. Who better to feature on our blog first...

"My love of vintage started when I was about 14, when my mum would tell me stories of how she dresses as a teenager during the 70's. Together we would then make or source similar items which fuelled my love of this era, and also the thrill of thrifting began! Fast forward about 9 years and my vintage collection was huge!! Some of it I never wore, but it was so beautiful I just enjoyed having it.

After graduating uni I decided to open up a small online vintage store, as it was the only thing I had ever dreamed of doing. From there Vintage Style Me grew. For some reason I was completely unaware of how huge blogging was, and caught on really late. Vikki from The Magpie Girl was the first blog I ever read and from then on found more and more blogs I loved. Through chatting to Vikki I realised how friendly and fun bloggers were and started to get chatting over twitter about fashion. I definitely have bloggers to thank for the rapid growth of VSM, as they really are such a supportive bunch - and their love of shopping certainly helps!

Bloggers are also an excellent source of inspiration - Dunya from Dearest Deer inspired me for our best selling TFC Carrousel horse t-shirt, and the beautiful pictures from Kim of Sweet Monday and Paige of Paige Joanna in our cat skirt have shown the cat craze is going no-where.

I actually started my business before my blog, but they work so well together as you feel part of a wonderful community where bloggers and businesses can bounce off each other creatively."

Have you heard of VSM? Or have you bought from VSM?

We'd love to hear your feedback on this style of post :) 
If you have something worth sharing and would like to be a guest blogger for us please email bloggers@e-tailwebstores.com with a couple of sentences of what you'd like to talk about.


  1. So pretty, I am going to check it out now! xxx

  2. Yeah I've bought two dresses from them after seeing them on beinglittle.com never got round to blogging about them though! Got my eyes on that cat skirt now... x


  3. perfect blogs! thanks for introducing them! <3


  4. I've never heard of VSM, but I'll definitely check it out! :D

  5. It is funny how I've always heard most international fashion bloggers talk about a great community spirit, friendly people helping each other and stuff.... Never felt that in the French fashion blogosphere :( Too bad !